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Sports and Leisure Acoustics

Acoustic, vibration and shock control within new and existing gym and leisure facilities is becoming more and more a necessity. TVS work with some of the UK's leading fitness centre providers to prevent or cure unwanted noise and vibration from becoming a nuisence for other building tenants.

Activities such as free weights being dropped onto the floor, resistance machines, tread mills, vibro plates, aerobics classes and their sound systems have long been causes for unwanted noise, vibration and shock.

TVS have a range of materials from standard gym floor matting to resilient mat underlays, and full acoustic floating floor systems that can be incorporated to limit the fitness activities from causing problems elsewhere in the building. Please consult a member of the TVS team to discuss your application where we will be happy to assist with advice and recommendations. You may also like to visit our sister company TVS Sports Surfaces www.floors4gyms.com

Sports and Leisure Acoustics

  • Treadmills
  • Free Weight Areas
  • Gymnasiums
  • TVS Sports Surfaces