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Interior Room Acoustics


Total Vibration Solutions are able to advise, specify, supply and install a vast array of products to aid in the production of acoustically “sound” internal spaces.


The desired acoustical characteristics of an internal space vary massively depending upon its intended use. Whether it is in the design of large concert halls, auditoriums or recording studios, or less obvious acoustical spaces such as open plan offices, classrooms  and sports halls; factors such as the reverberation time, speech intelligibility, clarity, privacy criteria, room shape and size, and the direction of sound must all be considered to achieve an acoustically desirable space.


TVS Technical team are able to work alongside acousticians and architects, advising on the best sound absorptive wall and ceiling panels, reflective panels, baffles and diffusive panels, ensuring that the ideal acoustic characteristics of a room are met.


Well aware of the additional factors that influence architects and clients, TVS have ensured that their product range enables them to specify a solution that not only meets the acoustic requirements of the internal space, but also the aesthetic requirements, the maintenance requirements and the spatial requirements.




TVS have a range of acoustical room treatments that have been developed specifically for the classroom. These multi-purpose, high performing, cost effective and aesthetic solutions have been designed to ensure BB93 compliance and to provide additional BREEAM credits. For more information on achieving acoustic credits for BREEAM and/or for BB93 compliance, please contact the TVS Technical Team.