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GERB Building Isolation


Attractive sites in central and convenient locations sometimes have one disappointing disadvantage - vibrations or structural noise, caused by

  • a subway or other railway lines
  • heavy truck traffic on uneven roads or neighbouring bridges
  • heavy machinery in neighbouring industrial facilities

    Vibrations and noise limit the general value of such properties. The extent of these vibrations when measured on the subsoil is at the beginning often underestimated. Only in the finished building, the consequencies are fully felt with floors vibrating, and walls and floors being the radiating surface of secondary noise. Countermeasures are then nearly not at all possible any moreor will require a lot of time and money.

    It is therefore the responsibility of building owners and architects to investigate this problem early to avoid subsequent problems.

    Conventional foundations cannot prevent the transmission of disturbing vibrations into the building. Measures at the vibration source are often not possible or not sufficient. Structural measures in the building are in most cases not successful and may furthermore limit the creativity of the architect. 

    Special measures at foundation level may become necessary to preserve chances for the erection of a residential or office building, a hotel or care home, a concert hall, a conference centre or a modern facility with vibration sensitive production without risks for people, machines or the buildings themselves.

    Base isolation by spring support offers this chance.