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DAMTEC Vibra Range



The TVS DAMTEC vibra range provides access to a range of high performing and cost effective vibration isolation materials, designed to overcome all types of vibration challenges in any industry sector.

Manufactured from polyurethane-bound rubber granulate, TVS DAMTEC vibra range products are fully recyclable. A wide choice of material grades are available, including products with a load bearing range up to and including 0.6N/mm2.

The selection of a TVS DAMTEC vibra material will depend on a number of factors, including load, area and natural frequency required of the isolation material.

How to select?

Start with calculating the pressure on the isolation material in N/mm2, the equation for this is Pressure equals Force over Area, e.g. (load in Newtons divided by area of pad in mm2). Then from the above chart select the TVS DAMTEC vibra material with the load capacity to effectively support the pressure. You can then alter the material thickness to achieve the natural frequency needed for isolation with the added advantage of being able to see in advance the deflection the material will have under any given pressure. This is very important for structural engineers who like to know and limit the deflection structural isolation materials will have in service.