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Ultra High Load Bearing Pad Type TVS ISOPad



TVS ISOPad resilient laminated fabric pads have been technically engineered and specifically designed to cushion impact, shock and vibration. Constructed of multiple layers of high-quality, cotton polyester duck fabric, completely impregnated with specially designed nitrile compounds containing anti-mold mildew additives. These pads are perfectly suited for the isolation of impact, shock and structural vibration.




TVS ISOPad provides a uniform transfer of load from beam to substructure and allowing rotation at the bearing point due to deflection and misalignment. Vibration is damped preventing unwanted sound transfer while limiting the destructive action of vibration between the movable and stationary structural members. TVS ISOPads are used extensively in heavy industrial machinery applications, but can also be used as bridge bearings, exhaust stack isolation pads, coil spring replacements and structural isolation pads.


     Very high load bearing capacity

     Minimal deflection under high loads

     Excellent shock and impact resistance

     Minimal creep

     Conforms to Military specification MIL-C-882-E

Technical Information

Max. Compressive Load:           700-1400 Kg/cm (10,000 to 20,000psi)

Material:                                  Nitrile Rubber / Fabric Laminate

Density:                                   1185Kg/m (74lbs/ft)

Compression Set:                     Approx 5%

Hardness                                 90 Shore A

Dielectric Strength:                   12,500 Volts

Insulation:                                8.5 x 10(9) ohms-cm.

Temperature Range:                  -29c to 93c

Complies with:                          MIL-C-882-E