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The above picture shows a CMM foundation at Jaguar Cars utilising TVS ISOSheet for the side walls and Regufoam for the foundation base. The base is at the early stages of having its steel reinforcing added before the concrete is poured.


TVS ISOSheet is a medium density, closed cell structure foam material, manufactured using a patented compound. It is designed specifically to perform as a vibration isolation and shock absorbing material, offering a cost effective approach to foundation isolation where moderate vibration control is required.


TVS ISOSheet is widely used as a low cost side wall isolation material for machine foundations, and in the case of light weight machines and their foundations, can also be used below the foundation when loads and application permit. Typical machines needing isolation foundations include CMM's, Forging Hammers, Presses, Precision Machine Tools, Roll Grinders, Newspaper Printing Presses e.t.c. 


* Impervious to most chemicals

* Performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures and time.

* Not subject to deterioration through water absorption and wicking.

* Natural frequency ranging from 12Hz to 50Hz.

* Designed for foundation base and side wall isolation.

* Absorbs machine and train induced energy and limits the transmission of higher frequency disturbances.

* Reliable performance.