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The above picture was taken at a Fitness First site in Manchester and shows a TVS installed acoustic floating floor, topped with a 15mm thick VIBsorb-20 impact absorbing underlay and 10mm thick SPORTEC Color 15 rubber sports flooring as the final floor finish.

The gym in question is situated on the first floor level of a building housing hotel bedrooms to its upper floors and a restaurant and coffee shop to its ground floor. TVS were called in when the normal gym activities started to give way to complaints from the hotel guests who were being woken by structural noise emanating from the impact of dumbbell weights being dropped on the rubber covered concrete floor and mezzanine floor. Complaints about excessive noise had also been lodged from the coffee shop and restaurant employees below who feared the impact noises from the gym activities above was effecting trade.

The complete gym floor system was designed, trialled, supplied and installed by TVS, and dramatically reduced the effects of the gym impacts and subsequent structural noise to the hotel, coffee shop and restaurant. You may also like to visit our sister company TVS Sports Surfaces www.floors4gyms.com