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TVS INSu Damping Sheet


TVS INSu Damping Sheet is part of the DEDPAN® patented family of vibration damping materials which, when applied to a metal or plastic panel/forming, inhibits the build up of resonant vibrations and dramatically reduces the levels of reradiated noise. Included in this family is a range of specially developed visco-elastic Damping Sheets with exceptional damping performance to weight ratios. They are lightweight, self-adhesive sheet materials which are supplied ready for use. It has primarily been developed for use on automotive panels but is also used for an extensive list of other applications including off shore, household appliances, machine housings, material handling equipment and roof and wall panels. The product is highly conformable and provides a permanent bond to surfaces of almost any shape at any orientation at any point in a manufacturing process.


Physical Information

Colour:                                                    Green
Superficial Weight:                               1.88Kg/m2
*Nominal Thickness:                           1mm
Maximum Temperature Tolerance:   190C (short exposures)
Flammability:                                          Pass FMVSS 302


  • Available in sheet form
  • Flexible and easily cut
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to handle and install