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Model ICC Deck Suspended Hanger

Secured to concrete, metal deck, or structural framing, Model ICC incorporates a one-inch (1") rated deflection spring in series with a neoprene cup to resiliently support one or more layers of gypsum board. Attachment can be direct to concrete or metal deck, or it can be suspended from threaded rod that is properly anchored. A channel clip/leveling rod assembly is designed to carry a single piece of 1-1/2" x 1/2" 16-gage steel carrying channel. Drywall furring channel is attached to the carrying channel. The system provides the installer with a means for leveling the isolated ceiling framing. Gypsum board attaches quickly and easily thanks to a preload spacer that holds the isolator rigid until the weight of the gypsum board compresses the spring. Incorporate Model ICC into any isolated ceiling design where one-inch (1") rated spring deflection and a ten-inch (10") airspace are needed for superior performance.


  • Maximum natural frequency of 4.4 Hz under lightest typical load conditions.
  • STC 84, IIC 70 with two (2) layers of gypsum board suspended under a 6-inch concrete slab (75 psf) with 3-1/2 fiberglass batt in airspace.
  • Multiple features incorporated into the design ensure inexpensive installation.
  • Spring/neoprene cup combination improves performance against low-frequency noise.
  • Actual installed load can vary between 75% and 150% of rated load without significant impact to ceiling performance.

Model ICC Detail Drawing