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DAMTEC vibra soft


  • Excellent dampening and isolation characteristics with high load bearing characteristics
  • Extensive independent testing conducted by the "Institute of Solid Mechanics" at the Technical University of Dresden
  • Maximum Load Bearing Capacity - 0.10N/mm2 (10,000Kg/m2).
  • TVS DAMTEC vibra soft anti-vibration material is completely recyclable and can therefore complement companies "Environmental Policies"
  • No expensive mechanical parts
  • Isolates equipment from structural disturbance
  • Supplied in easy to lay sheets. Individual pads/strips can be supplied
  • Quick and easy to install
  • If using adhesive, virtually eliminates the need for anchor bolts, thus reducing floor damage.

TVS DAMTEC vibra soft is a high performing, yet cost effective polyurethane bound rubber granulate material formulated to dampen and/or isolate noise and vibrations at source, whether in horizontal or vertical plains. TVS DAMTEC vibra soft will retain its isolation properties throughout a long and maintenance free lifespan and can withstand loads of up to 0.10N/mm2 and is 100% recyclable.

Physical Information
Standard thickness: 5, 10, 15, 20mm
Individual pad/strips can be supplied upon request.

TVS DAMTEC vibra soft has a multitude of applications and can be used in both non-critical and critical areas whether for dampening or isolation of noise and vibrations respectively and has been used for:

  • Foundation sidewall isolation
  • Machine foundations
  • Inertia blocks
  • Machinery with vertical shock loads, e.g. guillotines, power presses, etc
  • Structural isolation
  • Recording/dance studio floors