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DAMTEC vibra ultra


  • Excellent Dampening and Isolation characteristics with high load bearing characteristics
  • Extensive independent testing conducted by the "Institute of Solid Mechanics" at the Technical University of Dresden
  • Maximum Load Bearing Capacity - 0.6N/mm2 (60,000Kg/m2).
  • TVS DAMTEC vibra ultra anti-vibration material is completely recyclable and can therefore compliment companies "Environmental Policies"
  • No expensive mechanical parts
  • Supplied in easy to lay rolls or can be individually cut into pads/strips to suit exact installation
  • Quick and easy to install
  • If using adhesive, virtually eliminates the need for anchor bolts, thus reducing floor damage
  • Enables flexibility of floor layout

TVS DAMTEC vibra ultra is a high load bearing, yet cost effective polyurethane bound rubber granulate material developed and formulated to dampen and/or isolate noise and vibrations at source and has been developed for not only the machinery mounting industry, but also has extensive applications within the civils and structural industry due to its high load bearing capacity of 0.6N/mm˛.  TVS DAMTEC vibra ultra will retain its isolation properties throughout a long and maintenance free lifespan assuming the material does not exceed a load bearing capacity of 0.6N/mm˛.  TVS DAMTEC vibra ultra is also 100% recyclable.

Physical Information
Roll Dimensions: Tbc
Standard Thickness: 5, 10, 15 & 20mm.
Individual Pad/Strips can be supplied upon request.

TVS DAMTEC vibra ultra has a multitude of applications and can be used in both non-critical and critical areas whether for dampening or isolation of noise and vibrations respectively and can be used for:

  • Heavy plant
  • Inertia Pits
  • Bathroom pod and modular buildings
  • Machinery with vertical shock loads, e.g. Guillotines, Power Presses, etc
  • Blockwork wall isolation
  • Structural Isolation and steelwork isolation
  • Foundation Isolation
  • Isolation of Partition walls, both timber and metal.