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TVS INSu Barrier Mat



TVS INSu Barrier Mat is a 100% recyclable, flexible, vinyl, sound barrier mat loaded with naturally occurring minerals. The product is free of lead, unrefined aromatic oils and bitumen. It is also available as Non vinyl, Self Adhesive and foil faced on request.

Where high levels of acoustic performance in buildings are required INSu Barrier can be used as a noise barrier in floor’s and wall’s to upgrade the airborne levels of noise, particularly at low frequency levels.

TVS INSu Barrier Mat is also used for enclosing noise sources, either draped around equipment, suspended between equipment and quiet areas, or lagged to the equipment casing.

BM050     5kg/m2           2mm

BM070     7.5kg/m2        3mm

BM0100   10kg/m2         4mm

Physical Information

Colour:      Black

Hardness:  90 Shore A

Superficial Weight:    5.0Kg/m2 / 7.5Kg/m2 / 10Kg/m2

*Nominal Thickness:   (5kg) 2mm (7.5kg) 3mm (10kg) 4mm

Tensile Strength:         2.6Mpa

Elongation at Break:    90%

Flammability:               FMVSS 302 Self-extinguishing

Operating Temperature Range (Static):  -30C to +65C (some softening). Thermally stable for periods up to +93oC

*Materials typically produced to weight tolerances