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TVS INSu Damping Compound



TVS INSu Damping Compound Part of the DEDPANŽ patented family of vibration damping materials which, when applied to a metal or plastic panel/forming, inhibit the build up of resonant vibrations dramatically reducing the levels of radiated noise. The selective grading of its various inorganic mineral filters, dispersed in a polymeric binder not only limit vibration and therefore the generation of sound, but also dampens sound waves passing through the damping compound layer.

Physical Information

Colour :                           Natural Buff

Specific Gravity :             1.3-1.4 g/cc (Wet)

Viscosity :                         Thixotropic

Cure :                               Air Drying

Flash Point :                     None, water based

Total Solids :                    60-70%

pH Value :                        Mildly alkaline, pH10 (approximately)

Dry Thickness :                 75-90% wet thickness, although dependent on application and drying conditions.

Thermal Conductivity :     0.3W-1m-1K-1

Container Size:                25Kg plastic containers & 200Kg metal drums

Fire Performance             UL-94 HB