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Environmental Policy

At Total Vibration Solutions Ltd, we recognise that virtually all the activities of an organisation or an individual have some impact on the environment. Our aim is to reduce the impact of our own organisation through a programme of continuous improvement.


We accept a social and moral responsibility for putting into place environmentally friendly measures which go beyond legislative requirements.


In this respect our policy is:


         Continually quantify and monitor all environmental impacts of the business.


         Comply with current environmental legislation and, where practical, seek to meet future legislative requirements ahead of relevant deadlines.


         To actively source and supply products that, where possible;


-       Are 100% sustainable

-       Are 100% recyclable

-       Are made from 100% recycled materials

-       Have zero global warming potential (GWP)

-       Have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)


         A central aim of our market strategy is that we let our customers know the environmental benefits of our environmentally friendly products.


         To minimise waste, seeking to recover as much as is economically practical and ensure the remainder is disposed of responsibly.


         All colleagues to address environmental responsibilities within the framework of normal operating procedures.


         Enhance awareness of relevant issues among customers, colleagues and suppliers.



We appreciate that expressing concern for the environment is not a substitute for positive action in favour of the environment, and willingly accept the fact that financial and manpower resources have to be allocated to ensure that good environmental practice is carried out in all areas of the company's operations.