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Acoustic Floating Floors Overview


Concrete Floating Floors

Concrete floating slabs are used where mass is needed to boost low frequency noise reduction. This creates an airspace between a poured non-structural slab and the subfloor below. Selection of the appropriate isolation material is based on the application. Both formwork systems and "jack-up" systems using coiled springs, neoprene or fiberglass pads produce high impact and airborne sound reduction values when compared to thinner continuous underlayment assemblies.


Timber Floating Floors

High performance floated wood and composite floor systems are used when the subfloor will not support the weight of a concrete slab, meet floor design height restrictions or when concrete is impractical (in the case of a lot of refurb and retrofit situations). While these systems do not benefit from the added mass of concrete, they are effectively employed in a wide range of applications.