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TVS ABSorb Classroom


TVS ABSorb Classroom is an easy to install, low profile, highly resistant acoustic panel. Designed primarily for the education sector, this impact resistant product is perfect for controlling the reverberation noise within classrooms. Doubling up as a pin-board, the product is available in a variety of colours and patterns and can brighten and add interest to any space.

Constructed from polyester fibres, thermally bonded in a non-woven matrix and laminated to a high density, polyester fibre backing. It is supplied as tiles, either with self-adhesive backing or plain, and can also be supplied in rolls if preferred. It is available in a fine velour finish and in a wide range of colours.

Acoustic Performance

TVS ABSorb Classroom has been tested to a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.4 and will typically reduce reverberated noise by approximately 40%.