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TVS ABSorb Wood


The TVS ABSorb Wood Panels create a naturally aesthetic solution to noise control. The variety of face patterns and of surface finishes provides a warm organic appearance, offering a finish to compliment every area.


The TVS ABSorb Wood Panels consist of an 18mm thick MDF sheet, with a finish surface laminated to their front face and an acoustic black fleece adhered to their rear face. The surface finish options include a variety of real wood veneers, printed wood veneers, or a painted surface finish. A choice of slatted panel finishes and perforated round hole finishes give the panels excellent acoustic absorption characteristics. 


TVS ABSorb Wood Panels are suitable for almost every application where there is a requirement to control the reverberation time. The panels are exceptionally durable and abuse resistant making them particularly appropriate for areas that may require a high degree of impact resistance such as sports and recreation halls, police interview rooms, schools, factories and workshops.