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TVS HR Acoustic Hanger


  • Elastomer-in-compression noise isolator 
  • Static deflections up to 12.7 mm (0.5") 
  • Load capacities up to 1900 kg (4200 lbs) 
  • Insert color coded for load capacity 
  • Steel housing provides durability and stability 
  • Hanger capacities can be mixed to accommodate equipment with uneven weight distribution  


TVS HR vibration isolation hanger’s offer cost effective solutions for isolation of suspended equipment and ceilings. Designed to solve high frequency attenuation problems in a protective space or radiating to surrounding locations. These hangers are ideal for suspended piping, ductwork, air handling units and HVAC equipment.

TVS HR series isolation elements are moulded in colour coded oil resistant neoprene. This unique colour coding makes it easy to identify capacity, prevent installation errors.Hanger elements can also be moulded in other elastomers to meet specific requirements. 


TVS HR hangers are used to isolate suspended sources of audible frequency vibration, or isolation of noise in piping and ductwork systems.

TVS HR series hangers are delivery fully assembled and ready for installation in threaded rod suspension systems.

Model RH hangers are available in a wide range of load selections and up to 0.57" (15 mm) static deflection and can be provided with labor-saving accessories for adaption to wire or strap suspension systems.


Vibration isolators with maximum static deflection requirements under operating load conditions not exceeding 12 mm (0.5") shall be hangers consisting of an elastomer-in-shear insert encased in a welded steel bracket and provided with a stamped load-transfer cap.

The elastomer insert shall be moulded from oil resistant compounds, shall be colour coded to indicate load capacity and selected to operate within its published load range.

The hanger bracket shall be designed to carry a 500% overload without failure and to allow support rod misalignment through a 30° arc without metal-to-metal contact or other short circuit.

Isolation hangers shall be selected by the manufacturer for each specific application to comply with deflection requirements as shown on the Vibration Isolation Schedule or as indicated on the project documents.

Vibration isolation hanger assembly shall be Model HR, as manufactured by The VMC Group, Inc, and supplied by Total Vibration Solutions Ltd.