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TVS RESi Cradle

TVS RESi Cradle system is designed to reduce sound transmission through uneven concrete floors.

TVS RESi Cradle consists of a 5mm layer of Isopoli HD foam bonded to an injection moulded plastic cradle. The system includes levelling packers in various thicknesses as well as elevating blocks where extra height is required TVS RESi Cradle is New Build Robust Detail compliant for masonry floor construction and were the structural sub floor has a camber or is irregular and needs levelling.

When installed as part of a complete party floor construction this system enables a concrete floor to meet the sound transmission standards of Approved Document E 2003 and subsequent amendments in 2004 and 2010.


To be used over uneven, cambered, level or unlevel concrete floors for conversions, refurbishments or new build.

Performance (on the two New Build Robust Detail constructions illustrated)

Treated floor meets with the New Build Robust Detail descriptive FFT2, typically within Robust Details E-FC-1, E-FS-1, E-FC-2 and E-FC-7. Two typical alternative constructions are shown above.

Compliance with Code for Sustainable Homes is possible; please contact TVS for design advice.

Product data

Overall cradle size:96mm diameter x 43mm
Height of base plate:8mm
Resilient layer:Isopoli HD


The acoustic treatment shall be:

TVS RESi Cradle system (complete with levelling packers), by Total Vibration Solutions Ltd, Unit 9 The Courtyard, Grane Road, Haslingden, Lancashire BB4 4QN and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.


Lay TVS RESi Cradle with 18mm or 22mm chipboard in brick bond pattern on timber battens (preferably stress graded) with all joints supported, applying adhesive to all tongued and grooved panel joints.

Apply TVS Acoustic Angled Flanking Band on the edges of the chipboard just before they are pushed against the perimeter walls to isolate the board from the wall.

Install skirting and trim off excess Flanking Band.

Full installation instructions for TVS RESi Cradle are available to download by clicking on the link to the left of this page. Installation instructions must be used in conjunction with this information and/our information contained in the datasheet when laying the TVS RESi Cradle floating floor system.

May also be installed in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.


  • 18mm chipboard floor.
  • TVS RESi deep Cradle with a (commonly used) 45mm x 45mm batten @ 400mm centres.
  • 130mm min. in-situ concrete (80mm min. fully supported) on profiled metal deck (left) or
  • 150mm hollow core concrete plank min. 300kg/m2 excluding screed (right).
  • Metal frame suspended ceiling with 75mm void and 10kg/m2plasterboard or with100mm void and 8kg/m2 plasterboard.