Cinema Vibration Control

In the world of cinema, vibration control is of paramount importance to ensure a premium and immersive viewing experience. Cinemas often house powerful audio systems and massive subwoofers capable of producing intense low-frequency sound effects. These vibrations, while adding to the excitement of the movie, can also generate unwanted structural vibrations and audible rattling, detracting from the overall quality.

To combat this, cinemas employ a range of vibration control measures, including specialized isolators placed beneath subwoofers and speakers. These isolators absorb and dissipate the vibrations, preventing them from transferring to the building’s structure or neighboring auditoriums.

Additionally, floating floors and acoustically treated walls help to further isolate the cinema space, ensuring that the audience can fully immerse themselves in the movie without distractions.

cinema acoustics and vibration control

Cinema acoustics and vibration control


Floating Floors For Cinemas

Cinemas and theatres often contend with substantial foot traffic that can extend into adjacent areas, such as auditoriums and dining spaces. Achieving a desired noise reduction level (NR) of 30 decibels is a common objective for these venues, and the use of acoustic floors plays a pivotal role in attaining this goal.

To meet the NR30 target, we typically recommend implementing a floating floor system within each auditorium, adhering to the following specifications:

  • Maintaining a minimum air gap of 50mm
  • Ensuring a minimum floated thickness of 100mm

Furthermore, selecting the appropriate isolators is crucial for effective noise control. Sylomer SR850 isolators are a reliable choice, although rubber isolators or spring isolators may be specified based on the specific construction requirements of the floating floor.

By configuring the floor in this manner, it becomes feasible to reduce natural frequencies down to 5Hz, resulting in substantial reductions in reverberation and ensuring a more acoustically pleasant environment.

When a floating floor isn’t possible, layers of rubber/foam underlay and rubber or carpet flooring layers can be used instead. These won’t isolate sound and vibration, but they will at least improve the acoustic qualities of the existing floor.

acoustic flooring for cinemas

Acoustic flooring for gyms

Concrete Floating Floor System For Cinemas and Theatres

Concrete floating floors represent the prevailing choice among floated floor solutions. Our systems facilitate a ‘pour in place’ construction method, effectively streamlining the building process by reducing complexity and overall construction time. These concrete systems exhibit impressive strength characteristics while exhibiting minimal movement in response to live loads.

From an engineering standpoint, one of the primary advantages of concrete systems lies in their construction methodology. The formwork is meticulously constructed, followed by the pouring of concrete. This self-levelling concrete ensures a smooth and even surface, allowing for the commencement of interior fittings after a mere 24 hours, expediting the overall project timeline.

Dry Timber Floating Floor Systems For Cinemas And Theatres

In cases where the installation of a concrete floating floor isn’t feasible due to intricate design and engineering constraints, such as weight restrictions, we employ a dry construction approach. This method involves the layering of plywood, engineered timber, and cement particleboard to create the floor system.

While dry floating floor systems entail the incorporation of additional layers, they deliver comparable performance to their wet counterparts. A notable advantage of dry systems lies in their versatility, as they can be installed on nearly any existing floor with minimal structural modifications required. This flexibility makes dry construction an attractive solution for various scenarios, ensuring effective performance while accommodating the constraints of the existing space.

concrete floating floor for cinemas

Concrete floating floor

Timber Floating Floors

Timber floating floor