Large Building Vibration Control


Every day, new buildings are erected on plots susceptible to vibrations from nearby railways, roads, or industrial areas. Unaddressed vibrations can lead to various issues, including disruptive noise from structural elements. Our large building vibration isolation solutions tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring structural integrity and peace of mind.

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What drives the growing need for large building vibration control?

  1. Urban density surge prompts construction near transport and industrial hubs.
  2. Demand to optimize property value and meet client expectations.
  3. Trend towards lightweight construction amplifies vibration susceptibility.
  4. Rising regulations, influenced by projects like Crossrail, emphasize vibration control.
large building vibration control

Large building vibration control materials

Materials and methods

The isolation of a raft or basement slab on a full-surface elastic bearing such as Sylomer or Sylodyn, effectively isolates everything that is built up off the slab from the vibrations present in the ground.

With achievable natural frequencies down to about 8-9Hz with thicknesses of material from 12.5mm to about 50mm, Sylomer and Sylodyn full surface bearings offer a simple, effective, easy to install solutions, that impacts minimally on the overall design and construction of the building.

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When isolating on pile-caps or on column heads, the Sylodyn HRB materials offer a very high load capacity solution, capable of providing natural frequencies as low as 6-7Hz. Typical thicknesses of bearing can range from 12.5mm to 75mm (greater for specific projects).

With excellent creep performance and resistance to fluids and chemicals often present in construction and industrial applications, as well as performing exceptionally well even in fully submerged scenarios, Sylomer, Sylodyn and Sylodyn HRB materials have been developed to provide a complete maintenance free solution to building isolation.

Single Dwelling Building Vibration Isolation

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In situations where the vibration source is very close to a buildings foundation, or when the isolation requirement is particularly high, it may be necessary to have a lower natural frequency for the isolation system of < 3.5Hz. This is often the case for concert halls or cinemas such as the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and the BFI IMAX Cinema in London.

TVS, utilizing pre-stressed GERB spring units, are able to provide this very high performance isolation along with offering the close support and technical knowledge required, to integrate these bearings into the structural design.

TVS large building vibration control

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