Single Dwelling Building Vibration Control



As property space becomes increasingly scarce, there’s a rising interest in repurposing brownfield sites to meet the housing demands of growing populations. Typically found in urban industrial areas, these sites, once cleaned and decontaminated, frequently face challenges from nearby noise and vibration sources

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Vibration Isolation

The drive to develop all possible areas of our towns and cities has led to dwellings being constructed in close proximity to railways & tramlines, above tube lines and next to busy roads. Even in the countryside, developments are being proposed in seemingly quiet locations, but locations that have mining operations, or the potential of future mining operations, occurring directly below.

TVS Acoustics have worked closely with housing developers, builders, structural engineers and acoustic consultants to utilize the materials and techniques used in large scale building isolation, to provide scalable and simple solutions to isolate single dwellings from these vibration sources.

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Strip Footing Isolation

One of the most common methods of isolating single dwellings is to isolate the strip footing or trench fill foundation. Sylomer and Sylodyn products are laid down on to a concrete blinding at the base of the trench, with a resilient material up the side of the foundations.

TVS Acoustics carefully design the isolation system to ensure that there are no solid connections between the isolated building and the un-isolated ground. They also calculate the influence of this sidewall isolation on the overall vertical stiffness of the isolation system. With Sylomer and Sylodyn strips typically from 12.5mm up to 50mm thickness, natural frequencies down to about 7-8Hz are achievable.

Where the soil conditions dictate a raft or piled foundation, full surface bearing solutions and point bearing solutions can be implemented. These solutions mirror similar solutions for large scale building isolation but with the softer, less-dense materials In the Sylomer and Sylodyn range.

sylomer vibration isolation material

Sylomer – vibration isolation material